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New Fari is specialised in the enhancement and renovation of properties to be used for high-profile hospitality. Through careful preliminary research work, we identify unique and valuable architectures, either disused or in a state of abandonment, and we rethink them, by means of a careful design phase and a subsequent restoration intervention, giving way to their new life. Our work is carried out with a sustainable perspective, always preserving the value and history that each property brings with it.


New Fari was born on the occasion of the company’s first project, which saw the renovation and enhancement of one of the most fascinating lighthouses in Italy, the lighthouse of Capo Spartivento in Chia, in southern Sardinia, which became the first Italian lighthouse designed for hospitality. From this experience, an integrated project was developed for the redevelopment of similar structures and the construction of a support network between them: the semaforo di Capo Figari in Northern Sardinia; the Nuovo Semaforo di Portofino, in Liguria; the Island of San Secondo, in Venice; and the Lighthouse of the Guard in Ponza, in Lazio.

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New Fari follows a precise direction: to give a new life to unique structures, located in places of indisputable charm and characterised by distinctive architecture. The objective is to generate value from a new concept of luxury hospitality, interpreted in a less material approach and increasingly in an intimate and experiential way, creating important synergies with public and private institutions and meeting the requirements of demanding, cultured and ambitious tourism.